Body Composition/Health

We now live in a time of greater awareness of our health, nutrition and fitness. With this comes increased daily information from different sources, often with conflicting messages or the promotion of ‘fad diets’. It is important that individuals seeking nutrition advice to improve their health and body composition receive credible, effective and safe advice from suitably qualified professionals.

Whether providing nutrition support to exercise enthusiasts, athletes or busy career professionals, Nutrition JD utilises a research-based approach to inform our customised practical approaches for all clients. Through ongoing support Nutrition JD not only guide clients to their individual goals, but empowers them to maintain their achievements over the long-term through an increased nutrition understanding.

Services Include:

Pricing Overview

£70/£85per consultation
  • *Online/In-Person Options*
  • Skype or in-person (Manchester) consultation
  • Comprehensive dietary/lifestyle analysis
  • Consultation feedback report
  • Diet template examples
  • Example recipes
  • Educational resources
£275per month
  • *In-person option only*
  • Initial consultation (Manchester)
  • Comprehensive dietary/lifestyle analysis
  • Customised diet plan examples
  • Supplement advice
  • Monthly body composition analysis
  • Monthly in-person consultation (Manchester)
  • Weekly Skype consultation
  • Daily email support
  • Client recipe book
  • Client nutrition handbook

For more information on any of our services please request a copy of our client prospectus